How do I Choose the Best Intruder Alarm?

Harriette Halepis

There are many different intruder alarm companies out there, though choosing the right one for your home will take a bit of effort. The first thing to do is to find out which companies operate within your area. Once you have made a list of these companies, you can then get to work obtaining references, pricing each available package, and asking for home evaluations.

A home security system should feature a control panel that allows homeowners to monitor all entrance ways.
A home security system should feature a control panel that allows homeowners to monitor all entrance ways.

When it comes to purchasing any kind of object or service, the best way to gain helpful information is to ask friends and family members for recommendations. Chances are that you know some people who currently have burglar alarms, and these people will probably be able to give you an honest opinion about the alarm system that they own. If someone you know has had a problem with an alarm company in the past, you are likely to gain this information right away.

Another way to find the best intruder alarm is to shop around. Since an alarm company will have to visit your home in order to give you a price estimate, this is the best way to gain accurate pricing. You can expect an alarm expert to enter your home, inspect all the doors and windows inside your home, and give you a detailed price estimate.

Even though it is possible to gain a ballpark estimate over the phone, an in-home estimate is the only way to get an exact price. When comparing in-home estimates, make sure to contact at least three alarm companies. This way, you can determine whether or not one company is truly more, or less, expensive than another.

No matter how many referrals you've gained and how great an intruder alarm package may be, it is always wise to ask about company employees. Find out how employees are trained, what kinds of employees a company hires, and whether or not each employee has gone through a criminal screening process prior to hiring. Anyone who has access to your intruder alarm information should be completely trustworthy.

Before deciding on any intruder alarm company, make sure that you have an exact idea of what's included in an alarm package. Some companies include alarm maintenance fees, while other companies will require you to pay additional fees in order to fix a broken alarm system. Knowing this information prior to purchasing any alarm package will prevent you from paying unexpected fees. An intruder alarm can be a great investment if you take the time to research various companies, ask for accurate estimates, and pay attention to fine print.

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