How do I Choose the Best Home Care Provider?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Choosing a home care provider can be a difficult decision for many individuals. First, you must decide whether medical care is necessary. You can then assemble a list of home care providers in your area and screen each one carefully. Some of the information that you may want to consider before choosing is the cost of the services, a home care provider's credentials, availability, and the screening process for employees.

There are essentially two main types of home care, medical and non-medical. Medical home care is usually the best option for seriously ill, home-bound patients. This type of home care service is usually provided by doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. Services can include such tasks as monitoring medical equipment, dressing wounds, and administering medications.

A non-medical home care provider is often helpful for patients who are not able to perform some tasks alone. This type of personal home care is often used when an elderly patient needs assistance with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, and dressing. A home care worker can even be hired to keep a home-bound person company.

Costs of home care provider services will vary, depending on a number of factors. Typically medical home care providers will be more expensive. Many times, however, a patient's health care plan will cover most, if not all, expenses incurred with these. Non-medical home care providers are not typically covered by health care plans, but there are sometimes options for eligible clients. At least part of these fees can sometimes be covered by government grants or private donations

When looking for a home care provider, always be sure to inquire about credentials. Most care providers, for example, are required to be licensed by the state in which they operate. Medical providers must also comply with certain medical standards.

Availability should be another concern when choosing a home care provider. Ask job candidates about what hours and days they are available. Additionally, find out whether there is someone on call in case of an emergency situation.

To ensure the safety of you or your loved one, you should also inquire about the employees who work for a home care agency. Make sure that the company runs criminal background checks on each potential employee. Medical screenings and immunizations can also help stop the spread of certain communicable diseases, such as hepatitis.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book