How Do I Choose the Best Home Boxing Workout?

Kesha Ward
Kesha Ward
Boxing workouts may involve building stamina using basic jump rope moves.
Boxing workouts may involve building stamina using basic jump rope moves.

Home boxing workouts can be effective tools to build endurance, lose weight, and build lean muscle. In fact, some home boxing workouts are so complete that visible results can be achieved within a matter of weeks of starting these programs. Individuals who box for sport are among the fittest athletes on the planet. Following a workout comprised of basic boxing moves can be a healthful lifestyle modification; there are a variety of options including workout equipment and exercise videos to help you find the best home boxing workout for your needs.

The best home boxing workout will help to increase stamina as well as strength by having workout round sections of 3 minutes or more. Although 3 minutes may sound like a short period of time, doing a boxing routine for 3 minutes requires a great deal of physical stamina. These small segments of time are the same length as professional boxing rounds. It is common to be challenged when completing home boxing workouts; it takes an incredible amount of muscular strength and mental determination to complete an hour long workout. It is important that each workout include a warm up, an endurance portion, and a cool down segment.

Some of the most important skills to look for in home boxing workouts are aerobic endurance training, strength training, speed, and coordination. More advanced workouts may include a jump rope portion. Jumping rope is the aerobic pillar of a boxing workout. In addition to running or jogging, rope jumping is one of the primary ways cardiovascular endurance can be built.

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope, the activity also helps the body build lean body mass in the arms and legs. The added benefit of including a jump rope routine in a home boxing workout is the abundance of calories that can be burned while completing the exercise. If losing weight is the goal, burning calories through aerobic activities can help boost weight loss.

Another important aspect of an effective home boxing workout is incorporating strength training. Boxers use a variety of techniques to build lean muscle and improve strength. The use of resistance bands and free weights can be incorporated into workouts for resistance challenge.

If available, punching bags can be used in home boxing workouts to help build speed and coordination. Working on a speed bag or shadowboxing can help build upper arm strength, hand eye coordination, and endurance. If it is not practical to purchase a speed bag, incorporating repetitive punches and blocks can take the place of the bag while still providing an arm workout.

There are a number of exercise DVDs that can be used to help individuals become familiar with the proper movements and stances. It is important to learn how to properly execute the movements in order to avoid injury. Before beginning any new exercise program, it is wise to consult a physician first.

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    • Boxing workouts may involve building stamina using basic jump rope moves.
      Boxing workouts may involve building stamina using basic jump rope moves.