What is Tae Bo® Bootcamp?

Dorothy Bland
Dorothy Bland
Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Tae Bo® Bootcamp is a popular DVD workout series sold through the Internet, infomercials, and retail stores. The boot camp series is part of a larger total body fitness system created by martial arts expert and physical trainer Billy Blanks. Originally gaining attention in the 1990s, the Tae Bo® program has created a niche for itself by creating dynamic aerobic routines that blend elements from boxing, martial arts, and dancing. The Tae Bo® Bootcamp series is described as a more amped up version of Tae Bo® that uses the intensity of military boot camp style training. By cmmitting to the challenging program, exercisers will supposedly be able to burn calories and lose fat faster, while toning and reshaping their bodies in less time than with traditional workouts.

A boot camp work out can be described as a fitness program designed to engage the entire body, and this is mainly the core of what Blanks’ program is all about. The combination workout includes calisthenics, punches, and kicks and is described as giving a full cardiovascular workout while also improving muscle tone and flexibility. Tae Bo® Bootcamp is generally described as being created for those at intermediate fitness levels. This typically refers to individuals who are not sedentary and normally engage in some type of semi-regular physical activity each week. Those who purchase the program can start with a basic training DVD that explains the basis of the moves that will be used throughout the remainder of the DVDs. Individuals who have already tried other Tae Bo® systems, however, may be able to jump right into the routine without needing to review the basics.

Like other DVDs in the Tae Bo® line, Tae Bo® Bootcamp is usually available in box sets, or users may choose to purchase individual DVDs. By purchasing specific Tae Bo® Bootcamp at-home workouts, consumers may be able to better target problem areas such as the abs and have the chance to customize a plan best suited to their current level of physical fitness. Box sets, on the other hand, normally include the complete training package so users can attempt to constantly build upon their endurance and knowledge as they advance through each level. Purchasing the entire box set also traditionally gives the consumer a better variety of workouts to choose from and may help her stay motivated. Generally, beginners to DVD fitness systems and those not used to customizing their own exercise plans might get the most benefit from box sets.

Besides the complete line of DVDs, workout kits often include a variety of other extras. Usually, a set of resistance bands will be included with Tae Bo® Bootcamp. These resistance bands are commonly made of rubber and supposedly work like cable machines, keeping a constant source of tension on the muscle being worked for better resistance and stability. A seven-day fitness plan and a sample supply of vitamins also commonly included.

High energy and physically challenging are terms that some have used to describe Tae Bo® Bootcamp. It is also important to note that when first attempting these workouts, users may not be able to keep up with the pace set by Blanks. It is usually recommended that while attempting this heart-pumping cardio, users should drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and work at their own pace.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising