How do I Choose the Best Hair Transplant Doctor?

Alicia Sparks

Choosing the best hair transplant doctor is much like choosing any other kind of medical specialist. You’ll want to obtain referrals and past patient opinions, as well as consider factors like aspects related to your own specific hair loss or baldness situation. Solid sources for choosing a reputable hair transplant doctor include your own doctor and hair transplant specialist databases. You can also talk with people you know who have undergone hair transplant procedures. Once you have a list of potential surgeons, schedule consultation appointments to meet with each hair transplant specialist.

A hair transplant doctor.
A hair transplant doctor.

If you already see a doctor about your hair loss or baldness, that doctor might be familiar with a hair transplant specialist to whom he can refer you. You can also check with professional databases to find a certified hair transplant doctor in your area or within your traveling range. Such databases cater to specific locations and some, such as the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, cover doctors throughout the world.

A man with hair loss.
A man with hair loss.

Aside from browsing databases and obtaining doctor referrals, talk with friends, family members, co-workers, and even neighbors who you know have had hair transplants. These people are likely to give you honest opinions about their experiences with their doctors and procedures. If you don’t personally know anyone who’s had a hair transplant, consider joining online message boards, forums, and even e-mail groups for people who deal or have dealt with hair loss and baldness. You might meet people who have undergone transplants and can recommend or warn you about particular transplant centers and surgeons. These people might also be able to offer tips and other kinds of advice not only for choosing a hair transplant doctor, but also for caring for your transplant after the procedure.

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No matter how highly recommended a doctor is, it’s best to meet him before determining if he’s the best hair transplant doctor for you. Be prepared to ask general and specific questions about the hair transplant procedure, such as how long recovery takes and what kinds of care procedures you’ll need to follow after the surgery. Request to see before and after pictures of past transplants, and ask the doctor how your results will compare to those. You might even want to ask the surgeon about his training and other qualifications for performing the hair transplant. Although those might seem like uncomfortable questions, an experienced and confident hair transplant surgeon will be willing to provide his credentials.

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