What can I do About a Bad Hair Transplant?

Anna T.
Anna T.
A man starting to lose his hair.
A man starting to lose his hair.

If you had a bad hair transplant, there are a few options you might want to consider for having it fixed. The first thing you should do if you are unhappy with your hair transplants is to speak to the doctor who performed the procedure. He may offer to fix the transplant for free or at a reduced rate. Your bad hair transplant might be corrected by either camouflage or removal and replacement. Some doctors may suggest a combination of these methods for correcting a bad hair transplant.

Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.
Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.

Even if you do your research beforehand, there is still a possibility you will not be happy with your hair transplant results. The most accomplished cosmetic surgeons can and do make mistakes when transplanting hair. It is still a good idea to look into many different doctors before having a hair transplant so you can feel confident that someone who is qualified will be doing the work, but the results could still be unflattering. Some of the most common things that result in bad hair transplants are grafts that are too large, visible scalp scarring, and grafts growing in the wrong direction. Sometimes people experience problems with implants along their hairlines.

It is important to keep in mind that your surgeon may not be able to begin correcting your bad hair transplant until it has fully healed, which might take a few weeks or more. If your grafts are too large, they will likely be much more noticeable. Your surgeon may be able to correct this problem by removing the large grafts and dividing them up into smaller grafts, which could look more natural. Visible scarring can often be corrected by adding in smaller hairs around the scars to camouflage them. If you have grafts that are growing in the opposite direction of your natural hair, they can be either removed and replaced or camouflaged so that you don't have hair sticking out at unnatural angles.

Sometimes bad hair transplants might affect your hairline. This often happens when a surgeon implants the hair grafts too close to the upper brow crease, which usually results in a hairline that's lower than normal. A hairline that is unnatural for your face can drastically impact your overall appearance, and it may be one of the worst mistakes a doctor can make when putting in a hair transplant. Your doctor can probably fix this, but she will likely have to completely remove the implants near the hairline and start over from scratch in that area.

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I had a hair transplant done in 2007 and I feel the guy ripped me off.He said and I quote, 'Your hair will be thick and luxurious.' It's not.

What he failed to tell me was to get the effect I wanted, I would have to spend the sort of money Wayne Rooney spent, which I haven't got. I don't feel he was honest with me. If he had been, I would definitely not have had it done. What I want to know is this: Can I claim my money back?

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    • A man starting to lose his hair.
      By: Jasmin Merdan
      A man starting to lose his hair.
    • Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.
      By: vasilisa_k
      Baldness can be reduced by transplanting hair from different areas of the head.