How Do I Choose the Best Faux Fur Coat?

Patti Kate

When choosing a faux fur coat, consider what length you would prefer your coat to be. Imitation fur coats come in various styles, such as faux fox, leopard, mink, and chinchilla, so choose one that suits you well. Cleaning a faux fur coat can require special care, so keep that in mind as you choose. Choose a color that will coordinate with various outfits in your wardrobe. Full-figured women may appear slimmer in a coat with a low pile and vertical stripes.

A coat made out of faux fox is one of the most sought after types of fur coats.
A coat made out of faux fox is one of the most sought after types of fur coats.

Choosing a fake fur gives you the advantage of warmth and high fashion, while knowing no animals were harmed in making the coat. For many people, this is a major factor in choosing a faux fur coat. With so many fake furs available, you need to choose a style that will be versatile as well as stylish. Consider the texture of the imitation fur. It should feel smooth with no coarse or rough spots. For added versatility, some fake fur coats feature a removable lining.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, you might want to choose a hooded faux fur coat for protection from wind. Many styles of fake fur coats come with a removable zippered hood. This allows you the convenient option of using the hood as needed or storing it away. A well-lined, full-length fur coat can provide extra warmth. Some mid-length coats are unisex styles, for both men and women to wear.

You should also consider whether you'd prefer a zippered faux fur coat or one with a button or hook closure. Some styles of fur coats feature both zippers and buttons. This is strictly a matter of personal preference, although it may be difficult to replace a lost button with an exact match.

When choosing your new faux fur coat, do not compromise quality for an affordable price. Look for a coat made with durable modacrylic fibers and is fire-resistant. If you want to get a good deal, buy your fur coat during the off season, such as summer or spring. Buy your faux fur from a reputable source and inquire about return policies as well. Inspect the coat thoroughly, and try it on to obtain the best fit.

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