How Do I Choose the Best Suede Fur Coat?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera
Suede fur coats can be made from minks.
Suede fur coats can be made from minks.

The biggest decision to make when choosing the best suede fur coat is whether or not to buy a genuine fur coat rather than a faux one. Take cost, care, and appearance into consideration to make an informed decision. Besides the real versus faux dilemma, you will also need to choose the length of the coat. Coat length may not sound important at first, but its weight and formality depends a lot on length.

Choose between real and fake fur by deciding what feels and looks best. A faux fur coat generally feels a bit coarser than real fur and has evenly dyed fur of all the same length. Real fur is softer with a natural coat pattern, and it usually has two or more layers of fur. Some people cannot tell the difference between faux fur and genuine fur on look and feel alone. There are multiple methods of telling the difference if necessary, however; for example, attempting to stick a pin through the suede and meeting resistance usually means the coat is real.

If price is a concern, real fur is usually not the way to go — at least not when purchasing a brand new suede fur coat. A suede fur coat made from deer, mink, or other furry animal will cost significantly more than a coat made of synthetic fur. These animals are often farmed specifically for the fur industry, costing the animal farmers money in housing and food. It also costs money to slaughter and skin the animals, then prepare their coats for people to wear.

Caring for a real suede fur coat takes time, money, and commitment from the day you purchase it — more so than a coat made of fake fur. It needs a clothes hanger strong enough to hold it, usually made from sturdy wood. A suede fur coat must also be kept away from heat and light to prevent it from turning color. More or less every year, depending on how often the coat is worn and dirtied, the garment should be sent to a furrier for a professional cleaning. In addition, as tempting as it may be to wear the coat in the rain, too much moisture means you will have to the send the coat packing for yet another trip to a furrier for cleaning.

In general, a short suede fur coat does not fall past the wearer’s hips. These coats are relatively light weight and often worn casually. Coats of fuller length can reach the ground and, while very warm to wear, can be too bulky and formal to wear frequently. It is important to try on a suede fur coat to get a feel for the weight before purchasing it.

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    • Suede fur coats can be made from minks.
      By: Eric Isselée
      Suede fur coats can be made from minks.