How do I Choose the Best Experienced Attorney?

Felicia Dye

When trying to choose an experienced attorney, the recommendation of associates can be very helpful. In many cases, however, you will not be able to accept those recommendations blindly. You will still need to consider what type of experience the attorney has and where he or she has gained that experience. Also consider the experience of the attorney's staff.

Recommendations from friends and colleagues can help find the best attorney.
Recommendations from friends and colleagues can help find the best attorney.

Many of the decisions that you make are likely influenced by people around you. There is no need to make an exception when it comes to choosing an experienced attorney. If you have associates who know or who have worked with legal professionals, you should inquire with them when you are in need. Make sure that you not only gather contact details but solid information regarding the reasons that your associate believes an experienced attorney is worthy of her recommendation. Make sure to ask whether she had any problems if it appears that she only has compliments to offer.

Experience is one major factor that can be used to determine whether an attorney is the best choice for you. The number of years that the attorney has practiced is definitely something to consider, but your interest in his experience should not stop there. You also need to consider the type of cases he has handled during that time. Even those who claim to be general practice lawyers often have been engaged in more of certain types of cases than others. If you have a specialized matter, you should hire an attorney with a significant amount of experience in that legal specialization.

For example, an airplane crash injury is best handled by an experienced attorney who concentrates on that particular area of personal injury law. Avoid being lured in by an attorney who lacks familiarity with cases such as yours but who claims to have confidence that he can get the job done. You also need to consider whether or not a legal professional has sufficient trial experience if you plan to take your case to court.

A final factor to consider when assessing an attorney’s experience is where she gained it. Though they may be similar, laws and courts often vary from one jurisdiction to another. Choose an experienced attorney who has dealt with numerous cases in the jurisdiction where your matter will be handled.

It is also important to realize that a good experienced attorney rarely works alone. Much of his success, whether or not he admits this, is usually due to his staff, such as his paralegal and legal secretary. Try to get an assessment of these individuals before retaining a lawyer. If his staff is rude, incompetent, or lacks professionalism, realize that this is likely to have an effect on the attorney's performance.

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