How do I Choose the Best Appeals Attorney?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

While the facts of your appeals case typically dictate your chances of winning, your choice of lawyers may also influence the outcome. One of the most important factors in choosing an appeals attorney may be experience. You may, for example, want to choose a lawyer who is experienced not only with appeals cases, but also with your particular type of appeals case. You may also compare lawyers based on how well their personalities fit with yours and whether or not they have good strategies in mind for winning your case. You may even consider confidence and enthusiasm important when the time comes to make your choice.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Choosing the best appeals attorney often means selecting an attorney based on his experience. To make sure you will feel confident in your attorney’s abilities, you may do well to choose an attorney who has significant experience arguing and winning appeals cases for his clients. While an attorney who has just earned a legal degree and the right to practice law may have impressive legal knowledge, he may lack the experience helpful for preparing for unexpected twists and turns in your legal case.

In addition to making sure your attorney has experience with appeals cases, you may also look for an appeals attorney who has experience with the type of case you need to appeal. If, for example, you want to appeal a criminal case but the attorney in charge of your case only has experience with family law, you may feel less confident about his ability to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Another important part of choosing the best appeals attorney may be making appointments for consultations with the attorneys you are considering. Many attorneys offer free consultations, which may provide you with a chance to determine whether or not the attorney’s personality is a good fit for yours. While an attorney’s personality may be less important than his skill and experience, your chances of securing a satisfactory outcome may be diminished if you do not feel comfortable enough to be completely honest with your attorney and follow his advice.

You may also use consultations to gain an idea of the strategies each lawyer may employ to win your case and the confidence each one has in his ability to do so. Some attorneys may seem more confident or enthusiastic than others as well. Additionally, you may find that some lawyers have worked on your type of case before or have good ideas for helping you to win your appeal. Selecting one of these lawyers may boost your chances of winning the appeal.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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