How Do I Choose the Best Engraving Service?

Mary McMahon

Consumers looking for an engraving service may want to consider the surface they need engraved, the style and type of engraving, and issues like shipping, insurance, and environmental responsibility. An engraving service should provide readily available information about the types of materials it handles, the rates it charges, and how long projects should take. Customers who want more information can also look up reviews or ask for recommendations.

Pocket knives are one item that might be engraved as a gift.
Pocket knives are one item that might be engraved as a gift.

One important consideration is what is being engraved. Surfaces like stone, glass, metal, leather, and wood can all be engraved, using a variety of techniques. Consumers should think about the specifics of the project and the look and feel they want in the finished project. For example, sandblasting can yield a frosted look with glass engraving, while acid etching can be more crisp and clear in appearance. If people are not sure about what they want, they should bring an example of a piece engraved in a similar style and ask for information.

Watches are a common engraved gift.
Watches are a common engraved gift.

The style of engraving desired is an important consideration. While many engravers can do a variety of types of work, they may specialize in things like scripts, engraving for med alert bracelets, floral designs, and so forth. Customers can ask for a portfolio or samples to see what kinds of options are available. People who spot particularly interesting engraved pieces may want to ask where they were done and use that information to select an engraving service.

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Costs can be important. It is advisable to obtain several quotes to get an idea of the range of prices. If a piece needs to be shipped, it is a good idea to get insurance in case it is lost or stolen. In a situation where a piece is priceless and cannot be shipped, it will be necessary to find a local engraving service to handle the work. Customers may also want to ask about rush fees and other expenses that may accumulate with an order.

Some consumers may want to think about environmental responsibility when they choose an engraving service. Some processes require the use of harsh chemicals. Consumers could seek out companies that use alternative processes to protect the environment and their workers, or could ask for information on how the company secures its chemicals and limits pollution. The service may offer a tour of its facilities for customers who want to see how and where the work is done.

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