How Do I Choose the Best Depilatory Wax?

H. Bliss

Choosing the best depilatory wax depends heavily on the needs and skill level of the person using it. Wax that needs to be heated can be more difficult to apply, but holds some advantages for those with skills using depilatory wax. Individuals with sensitive skin can benefit from wax made without irritants. Waxing kits can help a beginner learn waxing skills and become familiar with the products used during waxing.


Decide which variety of wax you want. Wax comes in a few different varieties. It can be made with natural wax, like beeswax, or synthetic microcrystalline wax. Wax can come in many types, and each has significant advantages and disadvantages. Some wax can require heating for use, while others work without preheating the wax. Depilatory wax can come in jars, on strips or in roll-on containers, and it can be made with many different ingredients.

Some depilatory waxes come in roll-on bottles so that they can be applied more easily.
Some depilatory waxes come in roll-on bottles so that they can be applied more easily.

Some wax, called hot wax, needs to be heated using a microwave or stove, while other depilatory wax is heated only using body heat, or not heated at all. Pre-made wax strips are usually rubbed between the hands for heat before they are separated and applied. Wax that works using body heat sometimes fails to congeal enough to remove tenacious hair, but heating wax takes careful attention to avoid the risk of serious burns from wax that is too hot.

Determine whether you are willing enough and skilled enough to heat the wax before use. Waxes that require heating and those that come in a jar are usually considerably more difficult to use than those which are used with a roller or pre-applied wax strips. Using wax from a jar and reusable strips can be a less expensive and highly effective method for someone who is skilled at waxing, but unskilled beginners using this type of wax will usually find it unusually painful, difficult and messy until they develop good technique.

People with sensitive skin or allergies should be especially careful when choosing a type of wax. Checking the ingredient list for additives that cause a reaction is essential. Waxing generally ends with some skin irritation, but some depilatory wax is formulated with ingredients that may irritate the skin more than just waxing the skin can cause. It is also a good idea to perform a test by applying a patch of wax to a small area a day or so before waxing a large area. This way, you can find out whether the wax will cause a reaction on your skin.

For a total beginner, a depilatory wax kit can help you explore the world of waxing more easily. Depilatory wax is rarely used alone, and often comes alongside other products like wax removers, soothers and skin smoothers designed to help prevent ant treat skin that is irritated by waxing. Waxing kits often come with instructions that help you most effectively and painlessly use the depilatory wax.

A woman with waxed legs.
A woman with waxed legs.

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