What are the Best Tips for Waxing Hair?

Brendan McGuigan

Waxing hair at home can be easy enough, depending on the area being waxed, provided a few simple basics are adhered to. Many people, especially for the more difficult regions of the body, find that going to a specialist is a good idea anyway, and depending on the salon, waxing can actually be quite affordable. Some people also find it easier to wax others, and so join together with one or two friends to wax one another, saving on cost without compromising too much by trying to wax oneself.


First of all, no matter where you’re waxing hair, it generally is a good idea to avoid pre-waxed strips. These strips, while they seem convenient, ultimately don’t do nearly as good a job at removing hair. It is much better to get a full kit with an applicator stick and wax that needs to be applied directly. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to actually go with hardening wax, rather than softer waxes. These kits involve placing the wax on directly, and then when it hardens, taking it off.

A woman with waxed legs.
A woman with waxed legs.

After waxing hair, it’s important to take care of your skin, otherwise you can cause it to become inflamed and look quite unsightly, or even lead to infection. It’s a good idea to use a topical solution of some sort, which will soothe the skin and help to prevent ingrown hairs. Although this might sting a little bit, ultimately it will lead to healthier skin that doesn’t have unsightly red bumps or ingrown hairs. Make sure to research what type of solution is best for your skin, ideally asking your esthetician what they would recommend.

Make sure to wait at least a few hours after waxing hair before going into any public body of water like a swimming pool or hot tub. Because you’ve just caused a lot of microdamage to your skin, you’ve opened it up for all sorts of harmful bacteria which flourish in these environments. Visiting them before the wounds have time to heal can be a recipe for a skin disease, which can be both unsightly and dangerous. So if you’re planning on waxing hair to go to a pool, make sure to give yourself plenty of time for the wounds to heal.

If you’re planning on waxing hair in your pubic area, you’ll want to take special caution, as the skin is particularly sensitive. Make sure to wax dry, not after taking a shower, since the wetness will make the hair less likely to stick to the wax. Also make sure the hair is of an adequate length, around 1/8 of an inch (3mm), so the wax has enough to grab on to. Heat your wax very, very carefully, and be sure to test the temperature before leaping in, as what feels fine to your finger might feel far too hot to your skin in some areas.

After you’ve waxed your pubic region, you’ll want to avoid wearing tight clothing for a day or so, so that you don’t irritate the skin. After two days, exfoliate the area well to get dead skin cells off, so that they don’t cause ingrown hairs. If properly handled, waxing hair at home can be an affordable, easy solution to a salon visit, and with proper aftercare the skin can remain clean and smooth for some time to come.

Ingrown hairs can be caused by improper hair removal techniques.
Ingrown hairs can be caused by improper hair removal techniques.

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