How Do I Choose the Best Depilatory Lotion?

Kristeen Moore

A depilatory lotion is an alternative way to remove hair compared to other methods, such as waxing and shaving. You should first choose a lotion that is specifically designed for the area in which you want to remove hair, such as the legs or face. Some types of depilatory lotions have moisturizing ingredients that can help to prevent skin irritation after use. If you have particularly sensitive skin, then you might consider looking for a lotion that does not contain calcium thioglycolate. No matter which type of depilatory lotion you use, there are certain preparatory measures that you should utilize in order to prevent side effects.

A woman with hairless legs.
A woman with hairless legs.

Depilatory products temporarily remove unwanted hair. Lotions are preferred by some men and women who do not like to shave or wax because they are usually painless when used correctly. If your hair is fine, you may find that depilatory lotions also provide longer-lasting results than shaving. These products work by destroying keratin in the shaft so that the follicles cannot produce any hairs.

A bottle of depilatory lotion.
A bottle of depilatory lotion.

Hair removal lotions come in a variety of different strengths so that they can work effectively in specific areas of the body. When you shop for a depilatory lotion, it is first important to identify where you want to remove hair so that you can find a corresponding product. For example, a low-strength cream might be used for above the lip, while a stronger version is designated for the bikini line. Leg depilatory lotions are some of the most common products available, and they generally remove hair with chemicals that are considered to be medium-strength.

There are also specific types of depilatory lotions that are more appropriate if you have sensitive skin. Such products do not contain as many chemicals, such as calcium thioglycolate, which have the potential to make the skin break out into an itchy and painful rash. Test a new product on a small area of skin and wait one to two days to see how your body reacts to the ingredients. Although certain depilatory lotions are more appropriate for sensitive skin, they might still cause rashes and bumps if you apply them to dry or irritated spots.

Removing hair correctly with a depilatory requires certain preparatory measures in order to achieve the desired results. First, you should wash the particular body part before applying the lotion, even if the product is considered low strength. This will help to remove oils and dead skin cells that can potentially reduce the efficacy of the lotion, and the results can possibly last longer. It is best that you choose a depilatory lotion that contains moisturizing ingredients, but you still might consider applying a cream after the process in order to hydrate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

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