How do I Choose the Best Cubicle Divider?

Diane Goettel

The best cubicle divider is one that meets the functional and aesthetic needs of an office. In some offices, it best for employees to be able to see each other over their cubicle dividers so that they can communicate and share information without having to get up and walk to each other's work space. Other offices, however, need high cubicle walls in order to offer a place for workers to post charts and maps or in order to offer privacy so that employees can have confidential conversations that may be a required part of their job. Employees that regularly discuss private or protected information with clients often need high cubicle dividers.

Office cubicles.
Office cubicles.

For situations such as this, it may also be necessary to choose a cubicle divider that helps to muffle sound. In situations where employees spend a great deal of time on the phone, it may be necessary to choose a kind of cubicle divider that offers some sound proofing. Even if the conversations are not sensitive or confidential, this can help to keep an office from becoming very noisy and can also help employees concentrate on their calls without being distracted by the conversations that are happening at nearby desks.

Cubicles in an office building.
Cubicles in an office building.

When possible, a cubicle divider should match the aesthetic of an office. Although every cubicle divider is essentially a temporary wall, there are a number of fabrics, finishes, and colors from which to choose. Some offices are less concerned about the visual effect of a cubicle divider and more concerned about function and price. In these situations, the best options may be used cubicle dividers. There are a number of companies that post listings of used home and office furnishings that can be purchased for much less than the original price.

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In some cases, it is important to choose a cubicle divider that is sturdy enough to support some weight. This is especially true when cubicle dividers must be able to hold shelves and racks for books, documents, and manuals. Some cubicles do not come with enough space for a bookshelf, which makes using these sorts of hanging shelves necessary. Before purchasing a cubicle divider, get an idea of how much weight the divider must be able to support and shop according to that guideline. This information can be found by researching the available products and sending a query to the manufacturers.

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