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How do I Choose the Best Copywriter Jobs?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

In order to choose the best copywriter jobs for you, do a quick self-assessment of your experience, education and skills. Try to be realistic and make note of the copywriting subject areas in which you have demonstrated a proven ability. For example, do you have paid work experience in radio or travel copywriting or another area? In the copywriting world, your published or paid work samples along with client references can help you get the best copywriter jobs.

You usually don't need an extensive portfolio of your work to show a prospective client. It's better to have just a few top quality pieces than many pages of so-so work. Be sure to have your best work samples ready in paper form for in-person client meetings as well as online versions to send over the Internet when applying for online copywriting opportunities. You should never send unpublished work out to clients or write sample copy for them for free. Any potential client that asks you to do this definitely doesn't have the best copywriter jobs.

Magazines may hire copywriters.
Magazines may hire copywriters.

Unfortunately, most of the freelance, work-at-home copywriting projects advertised on the Internet are low paying and not indicative of the experience, education and skills that good copywriters have. The bidding copywriting websites are often the worst as far as pay goes since the competition is worldwide and in many countries the need to find any paying work is high. If you're lacking portfolio pieces and hope to land one of the better paying, full-time in-house copywriter jobs in your area, you may want to do a few of the Internet-based copywriting assignments so you have samples and references.

It's best to place your own ad for copywriting services in forums and on websites rather than relying only on answering ads for Internet copywriter jobs. When dealing with copywriting clients over the Internet, you should get half of the agreed on fee up front and the rest upon delivery of the finished writing, whenever possible. After you have some good work samples as well as client references, you can make a list of advertising and marketing agencies in your area and begin your hunt for good full-time copywriter jobs.

Keep in mind that unless you already have several years of copywriting experience, you'll have to start as a junior copywriter or even a non-paid intern. Still, the potential for advancement is definitely there and you could still do online copywriting work part time if you choose. Competition for full-time copywriter jobs is intense. If you are truly passionate about copywriting, have the talent for it and want to choose it as your career, it certainly is possible for you to get one of the best full-time copywriter jobs in your area as long as you don't give up.

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    • Magazines may hire copywriters.
      By: romantsubin
      Magazines may hire copywriters.