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What is an Internet Copywriter?

Tess C. Taylor
Tess C. Taylor

An Internet copywriter is a writer with special skills who creates written content specifically for use on websites and blogs. Due to advances in technology, the Internet has provided a way for many writers to take their writing to a much larger audience including writing for company and private websites, blogs and social media channels in order to support marketing efforts. With the rise of Internet search engines that control the way consumers find products and services, Internet copywriting has become a key component of driving website traffic.

An Internet copywriter may work as a freelance writer for any number of private clientele or may work exclusively for a company with an in-house marketing department. Oftentimes, these writers start out with an interest in marketing or public relations work and then find projects working on website content or social media writing. Copywriters can come from many different career backgrounds, including journalism, sales, creative writing and technical writing. Many Internet copywriters also come from unrelated backgrounds, but have strong web writing skills which enable them to do this work well.

Internet copywriters must have the self-discipline to work from home.
Internet copywriters must have the self-discipline to work from home.

Performing the work of an Internet copywriter is somewhat different from that of traditional writers in that the actual content is very specialized for websites instead of print publications. Internet copywriting is designed for the average website viewer in mind, with short interesting sentences and small paragraphs of three to four sentences, highlighted with titles and subtitles. In addition, web copywriting requires the addition of highly searchable words and phrases which drive the major search engines to websites more effectively.

The work of the Internet copywriter generally consists of writing copy that is used on website home and information pages, sales pages and online marketing materials. In addition, Internet copywriters may create content for use on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace in order to drive live website traffic to specific areas where promotions are needed. In addition, the content that is created by website copywriters may be designed to highlight specific industries, products or services which are consumer driven.

Due to the demand for skilled web writers, there are many career opportunities for the average Internet copywriter to work from home part-time or full-time while bringing in a healthy income. Many web copywriters are able to work around other jobs or life commitments due to the very flexible nature of the work itself. Freelance Internet copywriting is one of the fastest growing and most popular online jobs due to the higher than average rate of pay and ease in finding projects to work on.

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    • Internet copywriters must have the self-discipline to work from home.
      By: AntonioDiaz
      Internet copywriters must have the self-discipline to work from home.