How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Hair Removal?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
Threading is a relatively inexpensive facial hair removal service.
Threading is a relatively inexpensive facial hair removal service.

If you need cheap hair removal because you have body or facial hair that you wish to remove but do not have a lot of money to spend on professional services, your options are to learn to perform methods of hair removal for yourself, utilize the services of a trainee aesthetician, or monitor advertising sources for discount services. Although there are several at-home methods of hair removal that are inexpensive and easy to do, they may not be as effective or as long-lasting as professional services can be. Inexpensive hair removal services are sometimes available through trade schools as well as via sales and coupons that you can find in various types of media. You should also consider that some methods of hair removal may cost more up front than others, but more expensive methods may be more long-lasting and end up costing you less money over time.

Many drug and grocery stores sell various products that you can use for cheap hair removal at home. These include tweezers, hair removal creams, and home waxing or sugaring kits. If you can monitor newspaper coupon inserts, magazine ads, and online coupon sites, you may be able to find coupons that can reduce the cost of these products considerably, especially if you can pair the coupons with a sale. In some cases, you can really save by stocking up on these products when they go on sale or when you have coupons. The advantage to these methods of hair removal is that you can do the work yourself and not have to pay anyone for professional service.

If you prefer to have a professional perform hair do the work, you still have the option of obtaining cheap hair removal by utilizing clinics sponsored by cosmetology and aesthetics schools. Contact the beauty and trade schools in your area and ask about the hours and prices for their student clinics. In many cases, you can save 50 percent or more by undergoing hair removal at a school clinic rather than at a full-price salon or spa.

It is also possible to benefit from cheap hair removal services that are offered at salons and spas when they are having some kind of a sale or special. For example, many salons and spas offer first-time clients a discount, so keep your eye out for signs, coupons, and other advertising that explains a salon or spa's new-customer policy. Some salons and spas will also give you loyalty discounts, perhaps awarding you a free service in exchange for purchasing several other services over a period of time or giving you a free service or credit toward a service if you refer a new client.

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    • Threading is a relatively inexpensive facial hair removal service.
      Threading is a relatively inexpensive facial hair removal service.