What Is a Magazine Advertising Media Kit?

Tiffany Manley

A magazine advertising media kit is designed to display data to consumers and businesses thinking of placing advertisements in the publication. It typically includes a brief description of the magazine and what the company’s goals are for the future. In addition, ad rates, demographics, or compelling reasons the prospective client should choose that publication for promotional needs might be highlighted.

A magazine advertising media kit can help a business determine if a particular publication reaches a desired customer base.
A magazine advertising media kit can help a business determine if a particular publication reaches a desired customer base.

When people are considering the placement of ads within a periodical they will often request a magazine advertising media kit to help determine whether this is a good decision. Compilation of facts for the kit, as well as distribution, is usually handled by a public relations department or firm. These statistics and figures are updated regularly, since they often change.

People reading the information will likely want to know more in-depth information about the magazine, such as what topics and themes are usually covered and what goals the company has for the future. Many places focus on long-term growth and expansion in addition to immediate results. Having this type of information can be helpful in determining if marketing in a certain periodical is a good fit for his or her company.

Rates for ad spots are often included in a kit like this. In addition to the rates, the publishing company might also include ad sizes they are willing to publish, as well as the type and theme. Some magazine companies only accept ad themes that fit naturally with their content. Often any restrictions, requirements, and other pertinent information is presented in this package so prospective advertisers are able to make decisions.

Demographic information might also appear in this information. This usually includes readers’ age, sex, and income. It might also include other statistics such as nationality and education level. Many businesses target their marketing efforts to reach a specific group of people so this information can often help them decide whether pursuing this is a good business decision.

Sometimes prospective advertisers need to know why they should use their marketing budgets on advertising with this specific magazine. This information might be found in the magazine advertising media kit. Any information that makes a publishing company stand out amongst the many that are in the marketplace might secure it business that could have otherwise been lost. This can often be useful information for others as well, such as investors and readers. Anything that can assist the brand with gaining loyal followers is usually good material for inclusion.

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