What Are the Pros and Cons of Shaving for Hair Removal?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Many men shave their face.
Many men shave their face.

Shaving for hair removal has benefits such as being affordable and convenient. As it usually requires little skill, a person does not have to pay a professional or schedule an appointment. The drawbacks of shaving for hair removal, on the other hand, include the risk of hair bumps and infection. The fact that shaved hair returns fairly quickly is a good thing for some but a drawback for others.

One of the benefits of shaving for hair removal is affordability. Although an individual may prefer a more expensive shaving tool, there generally is one that will do the job and that is within his budget. It can be argued that the cost of cheap shaving tools used throughout a lifetime may result in substantial expense. Although this is true, it is often more feasible for people to pay smaller amounts over an extended period than to pay a lump sum for an alternative hair removal method.

Another benefit of shaving for hair removal is that it can be done fairly quickly. As shaving generally does not involve sophisticated tools or special skills, individuals can do it themselves. This makes it a very convenient hair removal option because it can be done without leaving home. Some other methods will require an individual to find a service provider and a time that both he and the professional are available.

For many people, the motive for removing hair is to improve appearance. One of the drawback of shaving for hair removal is that it often involves creating another problem with appearance — razor bumps. Depending on the tool used, a person's ethnicity, and the area shaved, this may become a very bothersome skin care issue.

Yet another drawback is that shaving can raise sanitation issues. If shaving implements, such as disposable razors, are not properly cared for, there is a risk of infection, such as staph. Electronic shaving appliances may also expose individuals to infectious organisms, especially when they are shared but not properly cleaned after each use.

Shaving for hair removal produces short-term results. The hair readily returns and must be removed again and again. For some individuals, this is good news because they may only want to remove hair temporarily. For example, a man may want a bald head only for a particular event or time frame. For others, this is less appealing because they may want to be without hair for an extended period but will be required to constantly remove it.

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    • Many men shave their face.
      By: Ruslan Solntsev
      Many men shave their face.