How do I Choose the Best Ceiling Fan Motor?

Autumn Rivers

Some ceiling fan manufacturers sell individual parts so that you can put together the best fan for your home. One of the most important components is the ceiling fan motor, as this is at the core of the product, allowing the blades to provide you with plenty of air circulation. One of the first details to consider before buying a motor is the size, as large rooms need large fans, which means that you need a powerful motor if your home has oversized rooms. You should also consider the amount of noise you can tolerate from the fan, as smaller, cheaper motors often make more noise than the larger kinds. You also need to make sure that the motor that you select is compatible with the fan blades and light kit that you are considering.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

If you plan to put the fan in a large room, you will need a big ceiling fan motor to power your large fan, as only a fan with big blades can effectively move the air in a large room. Of course, large motors usually cost more than the small types, but they are typically necessary in order for oversized fans to work properly without overheating. Attempting to save money by purchasing too small a motor may render your ceiling fan ineffective, and may even cause it to break, costing you more in the long run.

Another detail to consider before purchasing a ceiling fan motor is the fact that most small motors make more noise than the large types. If the room is typically noisy anyway, and is not particularly large, a small motor may be fine since it should fit a small fan well. On the other hand, if the room is medium or large, and a little excess noise would bother you, it is likely worth the money to purchase a larger ceiling fan motor.

Most companies that make ceiling fan components only allow you to mix and match parts within that brand, which means that the majority of your parts will likely have to be made by the same manufacturer. In this case, it might be best to choose your ideal fan blades first, as this is one of the most noticeable components. You should also typically decide on your light kit before considering the ceiling fan motor, as the two need to be compatible, as well. Once you find a light kit and blades that you like, you can browse the motors that would fit these other two components.

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