How do I Choose the Best Ceiling Fan Covers?

Emily Espinoza

In order to choose the best ceiling fan covers, you will need to consider what purpose you want your covers to serve, what kind of style you would like to have and what size your ceiling fan is. Some ceiling fan covers are meant for aesthetic purposes only, while some have additional features that may be beneficial to you. There are also quite a few style options available that you should consider when making your selection. Finally, the size of your ceiling fan may have an impact on what covers you choose, and the size of the covers themselves may also play a role in deciding which ones are the best choice for you.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Ceiling fan covers can be an easy way to change or update the look of your fixture without having to purchase and install an entirely new ceiling fan. Some of the covers available are meant for looks and don't serve much other purpose. However, there are some covers that can increase airflow and even improve the distribution of the airflow. You can also find covers that are meant to attract dust and dirt and that can be removed and machine washed to keep your fan cleaner.

Several different styles of ceiling fan cover are available. One popular version looks like palm leaves and is available in several different colors. There are also covers made out of different types of fabrics with a number of color options as well. You can even find covers with child-friendly prints or holiday themes. Think what kind of look your ceiling fan already has and what overall style you want in the room when sorting through the available styles for your covers.

Consider the size of your ceiling fan and its blades when choosing your ceiling fan covers. Most covers fit standard range of ceiling fans from 38 inches (97 cm) to 52 inches (1.32 m) long and up to 6 inches (15 cm) wide. It is likely that your existing ceiling fan fits into this range, but it is best to measure and make certain. Additionally, the covers themselves may change the size of your fan by making the blades longer or wider than they were originally. This could change the look of your fan.

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