How do I Choose the Best Car Seat Strap Covers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
A car seat.
A car seat.

Some car seat straps tend to irritate the sensitive skin of babies, which is why strap covers are often recommended. In selecting the best car seat strap covers, take note of the material, which should be soft and easily washable. Also consider how the covers attach to the car seat straps, keeping in mind that the process should be quick and easy in case you need to add them at the last minute. In addition, put some thought into the style of these car seat accessories; having a theme your child enjoys can make them entertaining as well as comfortable.

The material is an important detail because it is likely to rub against your child's skin at some point, so it should be soft and appropriate for the climate. For example, plush shearling is a somewhat fluffy material that is particularly pleasant against the skin and is considered best for cold climates. Warmer areas tend to call for cotton fabric, which breathes better and is less likely than shearling to cause sweatiness when pressed against the skin in hot weather. No matter the material you choose for car seat strap covers, you should make sure the straps can be put in the washing machine, because they will likely get drool, spit-up, or food on them over time.

One detail to consider is how the car seat strap covers attach. Keep in mind that your baby may be fussy as you try to affix the covers to the car seat straps, which is why you should try to avoid covers that require several minutes and intense concentration to attach. Additionally, make sure the mechanism that allows the covers to attach is safe for your child to lean against without injury or irritation. Examples of the types to avoid are buttons, which are often tedious to deal with, and zippers, which can irritate your child's skin. Instead, choose car seat strap covers that attach securely when you just wrap them around each strap, such as Velcro®.

Another factor to think about is the style, because many car seat strap covers feature fun themes your baby will appreciate. For example, you can likely find covers that boast your child's favorite animal or cartoon character. On the other hand, some parents prefer to go with a more neutral style for these car seat accessories, so they can use them for their other children, as well. If this is your plan, look for covers with solid colors or simple designs, such as stripes or paisley. If you want a little variety, look for car seat strap covers that are reversible, so you can take advantage of the different pattern on each side.

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    • A car seat.
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      A car seat.