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How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Car Seat Cover?

Bryce Clinton
Bryce Clinton

The best bespoke car seat cover will be different for everyone, but there are a number of basic considerations to help choose the right one for you. These include the type of vehicle you have, the climate in which you live, and the nature of your vehicle use. Additionally, you'll want to think about price, desired car seat cover designs, and ease of care.

Keep in mind that there are many different vehicles, makes, and models, each having their own types of car seats. You might be seeking one or many custom covers for anything from a car, truck, or van, to a motorcycle, recreation vehicle, or boat. Bespoke car seat cover makers will tell you which vehicles they make covers for. show you exactly which vehicles for which they sell covers. Some covers may only be available for select vehicles. Other companies can tailor-make custom covers according to specification, so if your vehicle is less common, this might be an option.

The best bespoke car seat covers in hotter climates might be light-colored meshes.
The best bespoke car seat covers in hotter climates might be light-colored meshes.

The climate in which you live might help you make an informed decision concerning fabrics for your bespoke car seat cover. In hot climates, you might want a fabric such as mesh, which will resist absorbing too much heat and provide plenty of ventilation. Wherever the sun heats up cars, consider that some darker fabrics will likely get hot. In such places, your bespoke car seat cover might also be more subject to fading.

In colder climates, on the other hand, dark materials that retain heat might be welcome, as might fabrics like sheepskin or wool, which are designed to be warmer. Wet or dry climates will also have their own unique considerations. If it rains or snows a lot, you may want a fabric that dries quickly. When thinking about climate, also think about how important it might be for you to easily wash your covers.

How you plan to use your vehicle, and who will be in it, is a major question for fabric choice. Children, pets, recreation, and work-related use may all prescribe the need for fabrics resistant to stains and easily spot cleaned. You might want easy-to-remove fabrics that can be washed in a machine. For heavy use, you might want durable fabrics such as neoprene, or fabrics that will be disposable after a couple years.

Comfort is a major factor for most bespoke car seat cover buyers, and climate and use issues aside, one needs to consider what will feel best. This could be natural coverings like leather or fleece, or one of many countless artificial materials. Some custom car covers come with cushioning and foam backing for a plusher and more pleasing ride. Customizable comfort options are available in child car seat covers designed for most safety seats.

The look of your car seat covers is one of the first things shoppers will be thinking about, and covers come in almost every imaginable color and print; or you might be seeking a particular brand of designer car seat cover. Finding the best cover material for your vehicle with the right color, pattern, or brand will probably take some research. How much time and money you're willing or able to spend could be a deciding factor. If you're looking for a bespoke car seat cover that will last, make sure to inquire about warranties.

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    • The best bespoke car seat covers in hotter climates might be light-colored meshes.
      By: yellowj
      The best bespoke car seat covers in hotter climates might be light-colored meshes.