How Do I Choose the Best Cake Pan with a Lid?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

To choose the best cake pan with a lid, it may help to first consider the types of cakes you bake most often. If you frequently like to bake round layer cakes, you may prefer a round cake pan with a lid. If you prefer square, rectangular, or oblong cakes, you can find selections in these shapes as well. There are several different pan shapes from which to choose, although shape is not the only consideration. Sizes, prices, the materials from which the pans and lids are made, colors, and more will all be considerations in making a selection.

The size of each cake pan with a lid is important. For a round or square layer cake, you will need a deeper pan to transport the dessert. Rectangular and oblong cakes are generally one layer so you should be able to simply pop on a lid and go, once the cake has cooled sufficiently.

The selections run the range from professional baking pans to the cake pan with a personalized lid. This type of pan is very handy for bringing food to parties or other special events. You should have no problem getting your cake pan back afterward if it has your name on it. Professional pans can be expensive, but many people find the high quality worth the extra cost.

Cake pans are made from a number of different types of materials such as aluminum, ceramic, glass, silicone, and steel. Keep in mind that you will generally need to use a lower temperature when baking with glass pans. Silicone pans may have a temperature limit, but you won’t normally reach the limit when baking a cake, since cakes tend to use medium oven temperatures. Recipes often include suggested temperatures to use for best results with different types of pans. Make sure pans are cool before applying the lid.

If you enjoy making ice cream cakes or desserts that use other ingredients that need to be frozen or refrigerated, it is a good idea to select a pan with a lid from the many types and styles that can go from oven to freezer or fridge. A cake pan most likely won’t include a lid that can go in the oven, but many lids are refrigerator and freezer safe.

If clean-up is an important factor in choosing a cake pan with a lid, you may wish to select a dishwasher-safe cake pan with a lid. Make sure both the pan and the lid can be safely placed in the dishwasher. Using the dishwasher may not be the best option for personalized bakeware.

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