How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Cake Pan?

S. Gonzales

To choose the best wedding cake pan, you'll have to consider the shape, size, and material of which your options are made. Each of these things can factor heavily into your decision, and will likely inform you of how many people can be fed. To save money, you can also use standard pans to create a wedding cake.


Wedding cake pan shapes are something that you might consider to be important. If you appreciate traditional weddings, you can choose round-tiered cake pans, as these are the most common, followed by tiered square and tower. Cake pan shapes can also be very non-traditional, and reflect the mood or theme of a wedding. It's not uncommon for cakes to resemble hearts, footballs, or even animals. Custom shapes can make a cake stand out and be the source of admiration from guests.

The size of a wedding cake pan is a factor that needs to be carefully considered before purchasing. Since wedding cakes are usually tiered, you should be aware that you will probably have to buy several different pans to achieve a cascading look. This can become expensive, especially if the shape is unique. The ultimate goal of choosing appropriate sizes, however, is to be able to feed every guest. For this reason, you may have to estimate how many people can be fed before making a decision.

When choosing a wedding cake pan, consider the material of which it is made. Those designed of heavy-gauge aluminum are traditionally appreciated because of their ability to evenly distribute heat, but glass and fiber options are also popular alternatives available on the market. A benefit of selecting these new materials is that the pan can be used to create other, unrelated dishes at a future time. For example, pans made from glass or fiber may be able to be utilized when making food that can be heated in a microwave or other quick-heating devices.

Of course, if you find that your preferred wedding cake pan is too expensive for your personal budget, you can always use a standard cake pan to achieve your desired result. Many who opt to do this save money by baking a cake in a standard pan and then cutting it into a special shape after it has finished baking. Besides being a way to help bakers stay within their budgets, this activity can also let them exercise their creative muscles.

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