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How do I Choose the Best Backless Booster Seat?

Anna T.
Anna T.

If you want to choose the best backless booster seat for your child, you should shop for a seat that is compatible with your child's weight and can be easily installed in your car. You might also want to look for a backless booster seat that has received good reviews and is ranked well for safety. It is important to avoid purchasing a used backless booster because the used seat could be expired or may have been in an accident, both of which are factors that could negatively impact the safety of the seat.

Backless booster seats all have different weight requirements. Before you select a backless booster seat, make sure you know the exact weight of your child so you can choose the right seat. If your child is either under or over the weight requirements for the seat you choose, the seat will not necessarily be safe for your child to ride in, and the chances of injury to your child in an accident might increase. Backless boosters are not typically recommended for younger children and are instead normally used for children who are between the ages of five and eight. Even if your child falls within the weight requirements for a backless booster seat, you might want to consider keeping your child in a car seat with a five-point harness belt until he reaches the age of five or older to ensure maximum safety.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

Check to make sure your car is compatible with a backless booster seat before you purchase one and install it. Backless boosters are best used in cars that have high-backed seats with head rests because even though your child will be boosted up by the booster seat, there needs to be some type of support for her head and neck. If your child's head and neck will rise above the top of the back seat when you put the backless booster in, your car is probably not a good choice for the booster you've chosen. It would likely be a better option to use a booster seat with a back or a car seat with a five-point harness that is compatible with your child's weight.

It would probably be a good idea for you to go online or look in magazines that have reviewed backless booster seats for safety and comfort. Doing this will give you a good idea of what seats to consider and what seats to avoid. You might find it tempting to purchase a used backless booster seat because used seats might be priced lower, but it is probably best to avoid this. All car seats expire after a certain number of years, and finding out whether the used seat you are buying has gone past its expiration date likely won't be easy. You also won't have any way of knowing for sure if the used seat you're buying has been used in a car when an accident occurred, and car seats that have been involved in accidents are supposed to be thrown away and not used again because they aren't guaranteed to be safe anymore.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple