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How Do I Choose the Best Antique Brass Faucet?

Solomon Branch
Solomon Branch

Choosing the best antique brass faucet is largely a matter of function and form. You will want to find a faucet that fits your sink properly and has a handle design you are comfortable with. An antique brass faucet used in the kitchen will be slightly different than one used in the bathroom, and the options that may be available, such as nozzles or other extra attachments, should also be considered.

Recently manufactured faux-antique brass faucets are more durable than antiques, but antiques can be found. Modern faucets are more adapted to today’s plumbing and can be used without any special adapters. If you want to purchase an actual antique, it’s best to contact someone who specializes in them and can verify its authenticity. An actual antique brass faucet is usually more expensive than a modern unit.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The design of the faucet is the main concern which purchasing an antique brass faucet. Some faucets are made to resemble antiques, and these often have two handles and a spout in the shape of a swan's neck. These types of antique brass faucets make adjusting the water flow and temperature a bit more precise than single handle faucets. Single-handle faucets are available and considered more modern, and are bit easier to use and take up less space than double-handled faucets. This can be handy, especially in a kitchen where you might want to have a spray nozzle or other attachment.

Most antique brass faucets are made of pure brass, but many come with only an antique brass finish. These units are not as expensive, but they do not last as long and may damage more easily. If you more interested in aesthetics, the plated faucets might be an appropriate choice. Many faucets are available that have ceramic built into the faucet’s finish, which can make them more durable.

Antique brass is usually a darker finish, so it will not reflect as much light as polished brass and offers a heavier feel to the room. This can make a difference in a room that has little lighting, and it might be mismatched with other fixtures in the room, even brass items. If this is the case, there are designs that are made to resemble antiques but don’t have the same dark finish. There are also faucets that offer scratch-resistant finishes that can help protect the faucet.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower