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How do I Choose the Best Single Hole Bathroom Faucets?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

Single hole bathroom faucets are ideal for smaller sinks that have just one hole near the top for the faucet to fit in. There are various choices for faucets like this, with one of the most basic decisions to make being whether you prefer one or two handles. You also need to choose the style, as single hole bathroom faucets may look modern, traditional, or even Victorian. Of course, the finish is also crucial since it should match the rest of the room's décor.

Basic single hole bathroom faucets typically come with one handle to control both water temperature and flow. With this type of faucet, you can move the handle up to increase the flow of water, and down to decrease it or turn it off. You can also move it to the right or left to control the temperature. If you prefer to be able to mix both hot and cold water to customize the temperature, you should consider a faucet that has two handles, with one for hot water and one for cold water. While most faucets that feature just one handle usually come with levers, those with two handles may have either levers or knobs, which is another decision you will have to make before you buy this product.

Single hole bathroom faucets can be stylish.
Single hole bathroom faucets can be stylish.

Style is another consideration to make when browsing single hole bathroom faucets. Most homes have the traditional style of faucet, which consists of a spout with rounded edges, and one or two levers that are either straight or slightly curved. If you prefer the more antique Victorian look, you can get a faucet that has a longer, more curved spout that adds elegance to any room. This style often also includes cross handles instead of a straight lever or simple rounded knob. Another common style is the modern look, which usually features faucet spouts that are straight and angular rather than curved and rounded.

Finally, you need to think about the finish of the faucet you choose, as that can add to the style of single hole bathroom faucets. For example, most Victorian faucets tend to be bronze, but brass can also add to this look since many faucets in this style come with this finish, as well. Modern faucets tend to look best in chrome or stainless steel, though black is also often chosen for this style. On the other hand, most traditional single hole bathroom faucets look good in nickel or white. Of course, you should also consider the colors of the rest of the room before you choose a faucet finish.

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    • Single hole bathroom faucets can be stylish.
      By: Vladitto
      Single hole bathroom faucets can be stylish.