How do I Choose Between Sales and Management Jobs?

Sheri Cyprus

Since sales and management jobs are often closely linked, it may be difficult to choose between them. Increasing sales is a main goal in any business; it must remain a constant concern to managers. There are many management positions that don't involve the sales side of business, however. If you're having difficulty deciding between sales and management jobs, it's a good idea to assess your interests as well as your skills.

Being persuasive comes more naturally to some people than to others.
Being persuasive comes more naturally to some people than to others.

Some people are naturally persuasive and enjoy the idea of convincing others to buy something. Other people don't enjoy promoting products, services, and ideas. If you don't think you'd be interested in being involved in overseeing the accomplishment of meeting selling quotas set by upper management, then perhaps a position other than that of a sales manager would be more suited to your interests.

If you enjoy working with numbers and have the qualities needed for advanced accounting, a financial manager could be a good choice. In sales and management jobs, a financial manager uses strategy to consider possible future methods of revenue for the company. If you'd rather forecast and plan in the area of sales than oversee others to reach revenue quotas, a financial manager role may suit you. Higher-level sales managers, however, also create future revenue goals without also being responsible for analyzing all of a firm's finance choices like financial managers do.

When choosing between sales and management jobs, consider your passion for a certain field. If you're passionate and knowledgeable about real estate, you may enjoy helping others buy or sell their home. Other possible sales-oriented fields that require a great deal of knowledge include pharmaceuticals, computer software, and insurance. Consider different options. If you find yourself torn between a sales-oriented or a more management-focused job, it's a good idea to research sales-based careers that include the possibility of of advancement into manager positions.

Location is an important consideration when you're choosing between different types of jobs. Considering the availability of openings in sales and management jobs in your area may make a large impact on your career decision making. You should also think about how much travel is required in the different managerial and sales positions you're considering. A general manager may travel several times a year, while a sales job may require constant travel. Outside sales representatives are usually away from the office a great majority of the time, so if you want more of a desk job this may not be the best choice for you.

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