What are the Different General Sales Manager Jobs?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
A general sales manager giving a presentation.
A general sales manager giving a presentation.

General sales manager jobs are available in a variety of different industries. A few of these include insurance sales, automobile sales and advertising sales. Specific job descriptions will vary for different general sales manager jobs, but all sales managers are basically responsible for overseeing sales departments and other representatives in order to meet or exceed a company’s sales quotas. Most management positions are widely considered to be a stepping stone to more advanced executive positions or agency ownership. Each also requires a high degree of sales knowledge, as well as experience and a generous understanding of all aspects of an industry beyond mere sales.

Within the insurance industry, general sales manager jobs require managers to supervise and oversee the day-to-day operations of an insurance sales office. Access to these jobs typically requires a strong history of success in insurance sales, as well as a reliable reputation, a keen understanding of various rules and regulations within the industry, and the ability to competently act as a liaison between clients, agents and executives working within the corporate offices of insurance agencies. Often, general sales manager jobs within the insurance agency are the final step before a manager opens her or his own insurance sales firm.

General sales manager jobs in the automobile industry are often coveted positions that require a strong sales record, good leadership skills, and lengthy experience in contracts and customer relations. Sales managers are responsible for supervising a team of other sales agents, as well as hiring and training new sales people. General sales manager jobs in the auto industry may also include managers for the sale of parts and service. Individuals working in these capacities may be required to do so on a local, a regional or a national level.

Within the advertising industry, general sales manager jobs can be quite lucrative. Managers may work on a local level, a regional level or may be employed to oversee sales operations on a national or international basis. All sales jobs, including those in the advertising industry, are competitive and most work on a commission basis. General sales manager jobs in the advertising field, as well as other management positions, however, are often accompanied by a comfortable salary since managers are also responsible for hiring, training, supervising and motivating other representatives. At the same time, managers must perform detailed administrative tasks such as analyzing sales data and reporting results on a regular basis.

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    • A general sales manager giving a presentation.
      By: Image Source IS2
      A general sales manager giving a presentation.