How do I Choose an Esthetician College?

Jan Hill
Jan Hill
An esthetician performs a variety of skincare procedures.
An esthetician performs a variety of skincare procedures.

To become an esthetician, or skin care expert, specific education is usually required, and there are many esthetician colleges to choose from. Some considerations that might be made when deciding which school to attend include curriculum, accreditation and job placement rate. This information can be gathered in a variety of ways, including researching esthetics programs online, telephoning faculty and staff at the colleges and visiting potential schools in person. Getting recommendations from estheticians who are currently working in the field can also be helpful.

Curriculum may differ at various esthetics schools, so it is important to find out exactly what courses each college offers. This can be done by visiting the school's website or calling the admissions office. Each area typically has licensing requirements for estheticians, so it is typically necessary to make sure that a school's curriculum meets all the criteria required to work in a particular place. If a person wants to specialize in a certain skin care service, it might be advisable to make sure that an esthetician college offers in-depth training in that particular service.

Typically, esthetician colleges that are accredited, or approved, by an esthetician college accrediting agency have met at least the minimum requirements of the agency and usually offer some form of government-based financial aid to students. In the United States, agencies recognized by the Department of Education accredit esthetician colleges. Students who choose to attend an accredited esthetician college can be reasonably assured that the college's curriculum, facilities and instructors have met certain quality standards.

Potential esthetics students may ask the faculty and staff about the job placement rate of their graduates. Local salon and spa owners may also be familiar with the reputation of particular esthetician colleges and can sometimes offer insight about the skill level that the graduates of specific schools commonly possess. The school may also be able to supply the names of some recent graduates who are willing to speak with potential students.

Visiting one or more esthetician colleges is also an effective way to compare programs and choose a school. A campus visit allows an individual to see each facility first-hand and experience the atmosphere each offers. Sitting in on a class, asking questions and talking with the instructors and students can all be efficient ways to help make an informed choice. Many esthetician colleges also have clinics that allow students to perform services on the general public as part of their training. Getting a facial or other skin care service can be one of the best ways to get a feel for the school and the services its students perform.

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    • An esthetician performs a variety of skincare procedures.
      By: japolia
      An esthetician performs a variety of skincare procedures.