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How do I Become an SEO Content Writer?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

In order to become a search engine optimization (SEO) content writer you should know how to write well and understand certain basic aspects of SEO content and how to utilize it in your writing. You may then need to find companies looking to hire SEO content writers, or who act as intermediaries that hire writers to provide content for other companies. It may be easier to find such a job if you have some educational background in writing or extensive experience in writing, especially if you have some type of focus in SEO content. To become an SEO content writer you may want to create or choose some samples of your work and then apply to these types of companies.

SEO content writing is a particular type of professional writing in which a certain term or keyword is used multiple times throughout an article. This is done to increase the likelihood of that article appearing when someone enters that phrase or keyword into a search engine. To become an SEO content writer you should begin by having some solid foundation or skills in writing. This can often be enhanced by having a degree in English or writing.

SEO writers should understand the basic aspects of SEO content and how to utilize it in their writing.
SEO writers should understand the basic aspects of SEO content and how to utilize it in their writing.

Having a degree can be especially helpful if you are just starting off and looking to become an SEO content writer with little prior experience. Such educational background is not strictly required, however, and your ability to write well is typically more important than any degree. You should also generate some samples of your writing, either from classes you have taken or from previous professional writing work. Any writing samples you may have that demonstrate previous SEO content writing can be especially helpful.

If you do not have any such previous writing experience, you can still become an SEO content writer, but you may need to do a bit of research into how SEO content writing works and what is expected. You may want to give yourself a few assignments to get a feel for it. Think of something you have recently typed into a search engine, and then write an article where you use that short phrase six or seven times throughout the article. You may want to do this a few times, not only as an exercise for yourself but to generate a few writing samples.

Then, you should look for employers looking to hire SEO content writers and apply at these companies. You might want to look for freelance writing opportunities as you try to become an SEO content writer, as many companies do not hire staff writers but prefer to work with freelance writers instead. It may seem difficult at first, but as long as you are willing to stick to it and keep searching for opportunities, then you could very well become an SEO content writer.

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Animandel - I agree that learning the basics of SEO writing and finding jobs to apply for is not difficult. However, I must add that if you have a degree in writing or a work history in journalism then finding assignments is going to be 10 times less difficult than if you simply learn how to write SEO articles via the Internet and you have no professional writing experience or writing degree.

You don't have to be an SEO expert to get assignments, but a good resume goes a long way with a prospective employer.


The basics of Internet search engine optimization writing can be learned with a little research online. Once you get the basics down you can go to online job boards and find jobs to apply for. At this point, the process gets a bit tougher, especially if you do not have published writing samples. However, as the article said, creating a few writing samples to show that you know SEO practices and that you can write will go a long way in your favor.

Once you get that first assignment and do a good job with it you should find that you are able to get assignments regularly. It is important that you always meet your deadlines. Otherwise, the assignments will soon dry up.


Though the pay isn't always great, it is relatively easy to find work as an SEO copywriter. Many people set up blogs and manage them to make money. These blog owners are constantly looking for new SEO articles to generate traffic on their sites. The pay for these articles can be as little as a penny per word, but these type jobs give a writer starting out or someone in need of a bit of extra income a good place to practice his or her craft and earn a little money.

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    • SEO writers should understand the basic aspects of SEO content and how to utilize it in their writing.
      By: ronstik
      SEO writers should understand the basic aspects of SEO content and how to utilize it in their writing.