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What does a Website Content Writer do?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

Website content writer jobs can include things like search engine optimization (SEO) work, copywriting, blogging, and other types of writing. A website content writer is typically a freelancer that may create material for a number of different clients. These writers may have a personal client list they do work for, or they might use one or more websites to find work. Some websites provide a portal for writers to find jobs from third parties, while other companies will hire writers directly to write for their sites. It is often possible to begin a website content writer career without any formal training or experience, though the ability to write well is typically required.

A freelance website content writer will typically find their initial paying work at one of a number of websites designed to match writers with people that need content. These sites are often operated by businesses that take a percentage of the writer's pay in exchange for providing them with work. Some will aggregate assignments from a number of different clients, allowing writers to pick and choose what they want to write. These sites will usually have some form of quality control to ensure that the writers in their talent pool are capable of creating quality content.

Some content websites pay their writers based on the amount of traffic an article generates to the site.
Some content websites pay their writers based on the amount of traffic an article generates to the site.

Another popular place for new website content writers to find work are sites that use a bidding format. These will typically allow individuals and businesses to post jobs that writers can then bid on. The winner will then be paid the amount that they bid once they have completed the assignment. This can be a highly competitive environment, but it may also be a way for writers to build a personal client list.

Other sites may hire writers directly as either employees or independent contractors. This can be for general content writing, blogging, or more specific SEO type work. These types of website content writer jobs can be attractive, as they may provide regular work at a better pay scale than that offered by content mills or bidding sites. Many writers will seek employment with a number of these businesses in addition to maintaining their own list of clients.

In certain cases, a website content writer may also choose to go into business for himself. This often involves creating a number of websites and blogs which are then monetized with various types of advertising and commission programs. There are risks associated with this type of content writing, as it can take a website quite a while to build up enough traffic for advertising to become profitable. This type of work is often a secondary source of income for an established content writer.

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We use SEO content writers for our websites at my job. We have people who manage the sites and the content writers are independent contractors who write copy to keep the sites fresh and attractive to clients and other people looking for the services we offer.


When you have experience as a writer and you can show potential employers examples of your writing you have a decent chance of finding work as a website content writer. SEO content is in high demand and writing for search engine optimization is a relatively easy skill to acquire. You can learn how to write SEO articles from online sites.


I was browsing a website when I found an advertisement seeking a web content writer. The ad listed the pay rate and provided the needed contact information. I contacted the person who placed the add and we quickly agreed to work together. This was only a verbal agreement. We didn't sign a contract and thee was no paperwork to fill out.

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to start working. I was a little concerned because I never met the person and I couldn't be sure I would be paid after I completed the first assignment. Once I received the first check I relaxed and the relationship worked well for both of us. The pay wasn't great, but I made a little extra money in my free time.

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    • Some content websites pay their writers based on the amount of traffic an article generates to the site.
      By: bloomua
      Some content websites pay their writers based on the amount of traffic an article generates to the site.