How Do I Become an Operations Controller?

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Operations controllers are individuals who supervise daily financial activities at organizations and work to better their companies’ processes for recording and reporting on accounting data. These individuals need to have solid numerical skills and be good at solving problems. A person who would like to become an operations controller must complete four years of post-secondary training followed by two years of graduate-level study to have a chance at thriving in this field. In addition, industry certification usually is necessary to work as a controller.

If you want to become an operations controller, you should consider completing a four-year bachelor’s degree in accounting. Enrollment in this type of program requires submission of a high school course transcript along with a high school diploma or the equivalent certification. Standardized test scores also might be required, and you need to be prepared to fill out your potential school’s enrollment application before you can begin schooling to become an operations controller.

Accounting classes are extremely important for someone who is interested in entering the field. This is because an operations controller is responsible for making sure that his or her company’s system of accounts payable, or debts, is accurate and also has to manage the data necessary to complete a variety of forms that meet government regulation requirements. Courses cover how to read various financial documents and to ensure that the amount of money that a company receives is recorded accurately as well. Completing an internship is also valuable because it gives you hands-on experience at an accounting firm, which will improve your employment prospects as you seek to become an operations controller.

Completing graduate school additionally is necessary to be eligible to acquire a job in this career area. A master’s degree in accounting lasts about two years and covers topics such as accounting information systems and efforts to control business costs to make a company more profitable. You also will review how to develop a budget as well as the standards of auditors, who are responsible for confirming the integrity of a business’ financial records. This type of program requires that you complete a major research project before you can graduate.

Six years of college in the finance field prepare you to seek certification in the industry. Employers often require you to be certified if you want to become an operations controller. This involves passing examinations and then completing continuing education requirements to maintain the credential. A variety of group study programs, seminars, and classes are available through professional associations in the industry to help you to keep your skills current.

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