How Do I Become an Insurance Counselor?

YaShekia King

Insurance counselors are individuals who sell products that protect people financially in the event of car accidents, damage to a home, and other costly incidents. These people must be well-versed on industry laws, possess strong mathematical skills, and enjoy meeting the various needs of clients. An individual who plans to become an insurance counselor has to complete four years of training beyond high school. He or she also needs to gain hands-on job experience and pursue industry certifications that will make him or her more competitive in the job market.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

If you want to become an insurance counselor, you need to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in finance or business. Your desired training institution will ask you to provide a copy of your high school diploma or the equivalent certification along with your standardized exam scores. You must be willing to fill out the school’s admissions form and turn in your high school transcript as well.

Business courses give you the foundation that you need to perform successfully in this career area. For instance, you need to study marketing and sales because, if you seek to become an insurance counselor, you will be responsible for promoting various insurance policies to clients and making sure that products meet customer needs. In addition, a finance course will help you to understand essential parts of the job, such as how to produce insurance quotes and generate sales reports.

Some colleges do not require students to complete a field experience prior to graduation, but doing so makes you more attractive to potential employers. You can look for internship opportunities at insurance carrier companies. During your hands-on training to become an insurance counselor, you need to practice not only selling policies, but also representing clients such as individuals or businesses in legal proceedings as necessary. Building your communication and analytical skills constitutes a valuable benefit of working in the job setting.

Obtaining certifications also is necessary to work and advance in this industry. Anyone who sells insurance policies usually must first earn a license by passing an examination. He or she then can acquire years of experience in the field or complete professional institute courses and pass tests to obtain voluntary certification as an insurance counselor. This type of individual additionally has to complete continuing education requirements to maintain this designation, which makes him or her more marketable.

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