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How Do I Become an Assistant Area Manager?

Bobby R. Goldsmith
Bobby R. Goldsmith

There are several ways to become an assistant area manager for a retail store or restaurant. Though no formal education is necessary, the completion of a college degree in nearly any discipline can be helpful in achieving the higher levels of a retail or service chain's management structure. Often, however, your work experience is the primary factor in determining position on your way to become an assistant area manager. You also need a wide and stable network of professional contacts in order to reach an area, regional, or district management position.

A college degree can go a long way to providing your superiors with confidence in your level of responsibility, skills, and dedication. Several academic disciplines, such as accounting, business management, and economics lend themselves to training for upper management positions. Generally though, you do not necessarily need to have studied any particular discipline. The more familiar you are with retail business practices and with basic accounting and bookkeeping procedures, the better your prospects to become an assistant area manager will be.

An assistant area manager must have extensive retail experience.
An assistant area manager must have extensive retail experience.

If you want to advance beyond an assistant area management position into a position that directly manages a district or a region where a company is present, a college degree will likely be necessary. You might even want to consider obtaining a post-graduate degree in business management while you are working as an assistant area manager. When an open position becomes available, holding at least a master's degree in a pertinent subject will greatly improve your chances of advancement.

Your work history is crucial to becoming an assistant area manager. You need extensive retail or restaurant experience, including experience as the manager of a retail store or restaurant. In order to be considered for a position that manages or assists with the management of several locations, you must understand how every aspect of each store functions, and you need experience with managing subordinates in a professional and successful way. If you currently work as a store manager, create an out-of-the-box initiative that exhibits creativity to boost sales or increase the profile of the store within the community.

It is unlikely that you will obtain an area or regional management position without previous management experience. When you work as a manager or an assistant manager, you will often come into contact with your professional contemporaries in various locations for numerous companies. Establish positive, professional relationships with as many managers and district managers as you can. Often, such a network is vital to finding and being selected for upper management positions in retail.

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    • An assistant area manager must have extensive retail experience.
      By: Monkey Business
      An assistant area manager must have extensive retail experience.