How Do I Become a Website Promoter?

Tara Barnett

In order to become a website promoter, you primarily need to understand how websites become popular on certain search engines. People looking for website promotion typically are not looking for advertising campaigns or ways to create popular websites, but rather are seeking to become the top website within a group of similar websites. The difference between website promotion and traditional advertising is that website promoters must use their knowledge of how search engines work to convince an algorithm that a certain website is the most relevant result. There are several ways to accomplish this feat, some of which are more effective than others, but website promoters may use different strategies depending on the client's needs. Having a system that works and having the customer service skills and reputation to go with it is the best way to become a website promoter.

Copywriters are sometimes employed to promote websites.
Copywriters are sometimes employed to promote websites.

Knowledge is key when trying to become a website promoter. There is no degree that will lead to a career as a website promoter, although many programs relating to computers, the Internet, and advertising can be helpful. Demonstrating how your services can help a client is the only way to become a website promoter. Unfortunately, starting this type of business can be difficult, particularly because search algorithms can change. Getting started by promoting your own website can be a great way to demonstrate to other businesses how your services work.

There are many ways to make a website popular, but a website promoter typically attempts to increase the popularity of a website without changing any of the content or advertising rather than creating a website that will naturally be popular. To accomplish this task, the professional may attempt to convince other websites to link to the website being promoted. It is also common for the individual to work with metadata and keywords to increase the website's stickiness. In some cases, a website promoter may work with social networking sites to create interest in a website as well.

The way in which the website becomes popular is typically not as important as demonstrable results. In order to become a website promoter, you must be able to show potential clients how your methods have proved effective not only in immediate changes in website popularity, but also over the long term. Ideally, current customer referrals can be used to interest additional clients. Although gaining clients is important when trying to become a website promoter, revealing your methods is usually not a great way to get started. Results speak louder than plans, and taking a few jobs at lower rates can be helpful when attempting to attract more business.

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