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How Do I Become a Trainee Trainer?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

The process necessary to become a trainee trainer can vary quite a bit, depending on the field in which you wish to train new people. If you are interested in providing others with business training, especially newly hired individuals at a company, then consider an education and background in Human Resources (HR) or management. Certain professional fields often require that you have worked a number of years at a particular position to become a trainee trainer for new teachers or medical professionals. There are also some industries in which you may need to be licensed or certified to train others, especially those that are government regulated.

Consider the type of field in which you wish to become a trainee trainer, as this often has a tremendous impact on the process. You may want to work in a retail or general business environment and provide training for newly hired employees or people who receive a promotion. To become a trainee trainer in this type of field, you typically need to become a manager or coordinator in Human Resources or HR. HR managers are often responsible for handling the hiring of new employees and can be tasked with training them at some companies.

Woman posing
Woman posing

There are also certain fields in which you simply need to work as a professional for several years before you can become a trainee trainer. If you want to work in education, for example, then becoming a teacher or educational administrator can help you gain the experience you need to train others. College professors who teach students interested in education have a graduate degree, but there are also trainers at schools who work with new or future teachers. To become a trainee trainer in a field like education or healthcare, you typically need to work as a teacher or a nurse long enough to be considered knowledgeable and qualified to teach others.

Certain industries, however, require that you gain a specific type of certification or licensure to become a trainee trainer. These are often fields that are overseen or regulated by government agencies, which then ensure that trainers are properly qualified. If you want to train new meat inspectors, for example, then you typically need to be a meat inspector yourself and then qualify for certification to become a trainee trainer in the industry. Much of this depends a great deal upon the area in which you live, however, so determine the requirements of these positions and government regulations for your specific location.

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