How Do I Become a Sales Representative?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen
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Woman posing

The path to become a sales representative typically does not require any particular education or training background, though you usually need sales experience. A bachelor’s degree in business could help you stand out against any competition for this position, though such a degree is rarely required by potential employers. You should have experience in sales, however, as this is typically one of the key requirements employers look for from a representative, and certification in sales or representation may also help. Once you have the education and experience you need, then you can become a sales representative by finding a company that is in need of one.

To become a sales representative, you should consider the type of background many employers look for from potential candidates. A sales representative typically works for a manufacturer or wholesale company and represents those companies to potential clients, such as retail businesses. While a high school diploma may be sufficient in many situations, a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in a subject like business may help give you an advantage over competition for a position. There are also professional associations for manufacturers and sales representatives in some countries, and these groups may offer membership or certification in sales that can give you the background you need to become a sales representative.

Professional experience is one of the most important requirements you typically need to become a sales representative. While you do not necessarily need previous experience working as a representative for a company, most companies look for previous work in sales. You can gain this type of work at numerous companies, and even retail sales may be sufficient experience for some companies. This means you should look for opportunities to work in sales even while you are working on your education.

Once you have the education and experience you need to become a sales representative, then you should look for companies in need of representatives. You should look for businesses that frequently sell their products to other companies, such as manufacturers, wholesale companies, and even software developers. Many of these companies provide training for new sales representatives, so you should not be too worried about having previous experience working with the products the company has to offer. It is typically more important that you understand how to sell a product, and then apply that knowledge to whatever goods you are asked to represent for a company.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing