How do I Become a Network Administrator?

Anna B. Smith
Anna B. Smith
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To become a network administrator, an individual should first complete his or her secondary education and then check the job descriptions of various companies for which they may want work to learn which programming certifications are required. An undergraduate degree is typically not required for this position, though employees may wish to pursue this level of education at a later time to advance in their companies. Certification requirements can change based on the needs of the company and any new technology that has recently become available. Network administrators should be prepared to continuously update these credentials throughout the life of their careers.

A network administrator is typically responsible for maintaining both the hardware and software used by a computer network. This position is often created by businesses which rely heavily on employees using multiple computers that must communicate with each other and access remote servers for daily operations. These administrators are usually considered technical staff, and rarely interact with other employees in a troubleshooting capacity. Network administrators may be called on to assist in computer repair occasionally when help desk personnel are not available, though their primary responsibilities are generally servicing the large remote servers and connective programs which allow multiple computers in one business to communicate.

To become a network administrator, an individual should first obtain a secondary education degree. They should be proficient in math, science, and computer science. Experience working with computers and an aptitude for their repair is also necessary when pursuing a career in this field.

A post-secondary degree, such as a Bachelor's of Science, is not necessary to become a network administrator. Individuals who have obtained this level of education in computer science or math may have a greater opportunity for advancement, however, than those who have not. Masters degrees and doctorates are also available in computer science, and are generally necessary when pursuing a career in research.

Following his or her secondary education or undergraduate degree, the individual interested in network administration may then pursue the many certifications available for computer networking. These certifications change as new software and technology is developed. Many software companies offer their own training programs on new products, and offer a certificate of completion at the end of the course. Companies who are interested in hiring network administrators typically post the specific certifications the position will require in the job description.

This type of position is frequently advertised in the newspaper and through Internet job posting sites. Those who wish to become a network administrator for a particular company may wish to check that business's website to learn which certifications are required by their computer networking department and what level of education is preferred. Some companies offer to train employees who show an aptitude for network administration and experience with computer repair, and frequently pay for their certification courses and testing fees.

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