How do I Become a Life Coach?

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

A career as a life coach is both rewarding and profitable. Life coaches spend their days empowering people to change their lives. They are motivational speakers that work one-on-one with clients to assess and fix their problem areas, although they may work with larger groups of people as well.

Job searching is one topic a life coach might cover.
Job searching is one topic a life coach might cover.

To become a life coach, you should first learn as much as you can about the career. There are several books, websites, and eBooks available to help teach you about life coaching, and how to get started in it. A college degree in psychology, sociology, or a related field is a great way to learn how to motivate others to change. Research any licensing requirements your state may have for life coaches, and make sure you meet or exceed them.

After learning about the career of life coaching, you should begin trying to narrow down your work to a specialty area. Most life coaches work exclusively in one or two subjects. Some common subjects are career, family, weight loss, and time management. When choosing your specialty, consider what you are good at. If you have always been great with relationships -- the person all of your friends go to for help with their love lives, you may fit well as a relationship life coach. Become a life coach in something that you enjoy, and that you think there will be a demand for in your area.

Before you become a life coach, consider where you want to coach. Some coaches work online, or over the phone. Some go work at big companies, or other office settings. For a more informal coach, meeting in your client’s home may be an option. A lot of coaches have their own offices where they work with clients. Deciding where you will work is one of the first steps to setting up your business.

After deciding where you will work, the next step is to market yourself. Print up business cards, and hand them out to friends and family members, with the request that they let others know about your business. Let people know that you have decided to become a life coach, and that you are seeking clients. Have a list of your credentials ready for anyone who asks. Join your local business association. Advertise in print, radio and television spots.

To become a life coach, you must have a desire to help people succeed. You must push, challenge, and otherwise motivate people to make changes in their lives to help them reach their goals. Although the job is sometimes challenging and there will be stressful days, becoming a life coach is a wonderful job for those who want to be self employed in a meaningful career field.

Margo Upson
Margo Upson

Margo has a varied academic background, which has involved everything from psychology and culinary arts to criminal justice and education. These wide-ranging interests make her an ideal wiseGEEK writer, as she always enjoys becoming an expert on new and unfamiliar topics.

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Life coach is one career that requires a lot of networking and marketing. I think the toughest part is getting the word out and getting people to hire a life coach at the beginning of his or her career.


@serenesurface-- I don't agree with you. Although education is important and desirable, one does not necessarily have to be a graduate of psychology or sociology to be a good life coach. Being a good life coach also requires talent. Not everyone can be one and it is more difficult than people realize. I think those who are not interested in this career do not realize all that it takes to help and motivate others to reach their goals. It can be very stressful like the article said.

My brother is a life coach and he is absolutely passionate about his job. His specialty is career advancement and he advises people one to one or visits companies for presentations and team work help. Sometimes, it's very stressful but he copes well. He is the most patient and understanding person I know and I think these are very important qualities for a life coach.


I know that many people want to be a life coach these days. It's one of the most innovative ways to earn a living and it's also great to help people. But those who are not qualified for this job shouldn't try to get into it. I say this because people want to work with inspirational life coaches who actually follow what they preach. I do not want a life coach who has great ideas for my life but who can't practice that in his or her own life. So I want a life coach who really will be a role model for me.

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