What Is Online Life Coaching?

B. Miller

Online life coaching is a method of individual instruction and encouragement to make positive change in a person's life. An individual who signs up for online life coaching will generally be working with a specific life coach, or a team of life coaches, who will provide advice and suggestions for change based on the information the client gives them. The life coach may offer advice in all areas of life, including health and wellness, relationships, finance, or even spirituality, among others. Generally, the purpose of life coaching is to reach specific goals and to improve overall life skills to feel happier and more fulfilled in the future.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Though life coaching was at one time something that took place in person, similar to psychotherapy or any other type of self improvement venture; online life coaching now offers people the option to receive tips and advice from the comfort of their own homes, and in a more anonymous fashion. Online life coaching is virtually never free; individuals should expect to pay a sign-up fee and then monthly fees for as long as the coaching continues. Some life coaching services will also provide materials, such as workbooks and reading material, for people to complete on their own time to better reveal targeted areas for improvement.

Sometimes, people will approach online life coaching with a specific part of their life they want to work on. For instance, maybe they are dissatisfied with their career and want suggestions for receiving a promotion or even starting a new career altogether. Others might want to improve their communication and relationship skills, either to start a new romantic relationship or improve an existing one. Some might want to tackle their eating and exercise habits to get healthier. Others may desire to overhaul their whole lives. In general, the life coach will be able to make suggestions for change in any area the client desires.

Generally, online life coaching will be conducted entirely through email, though some might offer the option for phone calls as well. The process might begin with a type of survey, where the client identifies his or her goals or areas he wishes to improve, and answers specific questions about himself. The life coach can then develop a plan to address these issues, which can then be modified later on if necessary. Sessions might then take place weekly or every two weeks, depending on the format; for instance, a phone conversations might be bi-weekly, but emails could be more frequent.

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