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How Do I Become a Corporate Recruiter?

D. Nelson
D. Nelson

An individual who would like to become a corporate recruiter is likely to have a gift for communicating with others and perceiving their strengths. If you are interested in pursuing this kind of career, you can begin by earning an undergraduate degree in business. The best program for you is likely to be one that allows you to major specifically in human resources. Once you have earned your degree, you should take an entry level position in a human resources department. In many regions, aspiring corporate recruiters have the option to earn professional certification.

A corporate recruiter is a human resources professional who specializes in finding job candidates whose talents would benefit his or her organization. Recruiters commonly visit college campuses to speak with students looking for post-graduation employment. When a recruiter finds an individual who has demonstrated proficiency in his or her field and who has the strengths for which a recruiter is searching, a recruiter might then communicate with an applicant's references and research his or her job history.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Most employers prefer to hire aspiring recruiters who have an academic background in human resources, though this exact degree may not be necessary for an individual who would like to become a corporate recruiter. A degree in a field such as sociology or psychology also can help you to earn this position. If you have degree in a field not related directly to human resources, however, you can benefit from getting some training in business and management.

A person who wants to become a corporate recruiter should plan on working his or her way up to this role. A recruiter commonly is a professional who is very familiar with the requirements of different positions within an organization. He or she should know which personality types fit each role and for which signs to look that prove a potential employee has the necessary skills and aptitudes. For this reason, you should take an entry level human resources position in an organization where you see an opportunity for professional growth.

Any professional who would like to become a corporate recruiter should plan on earning professional certification. Groups such as the Association of Executive Search Consultants in the United States offer members valuable training opportunities. Takes courses that prepare you for professional certification exams. The more qualifications directly related to corporate recruiting that you earn, the easier it can be for you to move into a full time corporate recruiting position.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips