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How Do I Become a Child Care Worker?

N. Kalu
N. Kalu

To become a child care worker, you must first have an interest in working with and caring for children. Without the patience and experience needed to handle children, it will be very difficult for you to succeed in this career path. Other than having the heart to provide care to children, you will also need the required on the job training and certification. Different geographic areas have different requirements for those who wish to become child care workers.

You do not usually need a bachelor's degree to become a child care worker or a day care worker, although some sort of official degree in education will help you land jobs at child care centers and primary schools. People who are more educationally-minded should research different teacher training programs that will prepare them for all the challenges that teachers and caregivers face when caring for children. Such programs can either be a part of a four year university degree program or a two year associate's degree program.

Child care workers may need to resolve conflicts between children.
Child care workers may need to resolve conflicts between children.

A bachelor's degree in early childhood development or teaching will help you understand the pedagogical theories that are the basis for properly teaching and caring for children. To become a child care worker who is loved by kids and valued by managers, you should try to develop a well-rounded view of educational theory and history. University teaching programs usually require that you become an assistant teacher or childcare giver at a local preschool or center so that you have the necessary experience to put on your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) when applying for jobs as a child care worker.

There is also the option of enrolling in an associate's degree program in teaching. These programs will also introduce you to educational theory and methods, although it may not be as specifically tailored to early childhood education as a bachelor's degree program at four year colleges and universities. Two year associate's degree programs are usually less expensive and more flexible in terms of class schedules than universities. You should diligently research teaching and childcare certification programs in your area to figure out which one best suits you.

It is important that you gain as much on the job experience as you can before applying for full-time positions to become a child care worker. If you cannot enroll in a university, you should seek out your own internship opportunities. You can search for and apply to open child care assistant or teacher's assistant positions online.

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    • Child care workers may need to resolve conflicts between children.
      By: Vesna Cvorovic
      Child care workers may need to resolve conflicts between children.