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How Do I Become a Child Care Manager?

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

A child care manager oversees the hiring and overall work quality of the staff at a childcare facility. Many also work directly with the children providing care and education. The major requirement to become a child care manager is experience working in the profession. Other important skills include good people skills, and a high level of comfort with being in charge of others.

There are no standard college education requirements to become a child care manager. Most places require at least a high school diploma or the equivalent, as well as a certificate from a child care training program. A Bachelors degree in business or early childhood education, however, may make your resume more attractive to potential employers. Some states and regions do have stricter requirements, so check with a local laws to determine if your area has more specific requirements.

A young girl.
A young girl.

Before you can become a child care manager or work with children in any professional capacity, you will need to pass a background check. This is required in nearly every area to ensure the safety of the children. The background check will look at your criminal history in general, and any history of complaints regarding children in specific. You will most likely also need to pass a health physical and a tuberculosis skin test.

Experience working in the child care industry is important if you want to become a child care manager. There are several different types of facilities, including day care centers and preschools. The main difference between the two is that day care centers provide babysitting services, while preschools or learning centers provide pre-kindergarten (also known as Pre-K) education. Preschools typically hire those with an early childhood education degree. You will most likely need several years experience working in a center before you can apply for a management position.

Once you have enough experience, you can begin applying for positions to become a child care manager. If you are already working at a center, ask the director or owner about any possible management positions that may become available, and express your interest in those positions. Child social services in your area may also have positions or leads.

Another option that allows you to become a child care manager is opening your own center. The start-up costs can be significant, as you will need to rent or purchase a space, hire a staff, and equip the facility before you can open for business. You will also need a license from the agency that governs local businesses as well as background checks on yourself and all your employees.

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    • A young girl.
      By: Vera Kuttelvaserova
      A young girl.