How do I Apply False Eyelashes?

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There are many tips for learning how to apply false eyelashes. Whether using a few individual lashes or a full set, when properly placed, extra eyelashes may provide a dramatic look or a simply a fuller lash look that prettily frames the eyes. There is something of a learning curve to putting lashes on, but with a few tips, most people master this cosmetic art.

Mascara should be applied after false eyelashes are in place.
Mascara should be applied after false eyelashes are in place.

When people want to apply false eyelashes, they must make the choice between using a full lash on each eyelid or individual fill lashes. It’s undoubtedly easier to start with full lashes, which will be placed just above the normal lashes on the upper eyelid. It additionally might help to put mascara on the natural lashes first, to help bond them to the false lashes. The next thing people will need to do is apply glue to the inside curve of the false eyelashes, and it’s important not to apply too much.

False eyelashes can give the eyes a dramatic look.
False eyelashes can give the eyes a dramatic look.

There are a couple of suggestions for placing the glue. Those planning to use dark eyeliner can purchase dark glue, which may blend false and real lashes together more carefully and might look more seamless. Light glues typically won’t be seen and will dry clear. Using a toothpick to place glue on the lashes can help apply it evenly, and in just the right amounts.

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As mentioned, a person will apply false eyelashes on the upper lid right above the real lashes. The glue doesn’t dry immediately, which gives time to position the lashes so they fit the contour of the eyelid. People should use a mirror so they can work on perfectly fitting the lashes into place, and if lashes seem too long for the length of the lid, they can be trimmed for a better fit, and the tips of the lasses may also be trimmed for a more natural look.

Once lashes are in place, there are several recommendations for finishing the look. Many people use a liquid liner to line the eyes just above the lash. Cosmetic specialists don’t always agree on the necessity of mascara. Some do recommend curling the lashes and then adding a coat of mascara.

It is more difficult to apply false eyelashes singly. However, this can provide a more natural look and a little fill-in to sparse lashes. It may help to get a friend with steady hands to assist in the application process, but may people are quite adept at doing this on their own. Each lash will require a tiny application of glue, and people should consider their natural lashes to determine where to place fill-ins.

As with full false eyelashes, glue doesn’t dry immediately. There is time to place the lash and adjust it. Once people have filled in lashes with a few extras, they can curl lashes, and add eyeliner and/or mascara. Placing mascara on natural lashes first isn’t usually recommended because it may create a mess and make it harder to place individual lashes.

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