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How Do I Choose the Best False Eyelash Mascara?

Lynelle Harmon
Lynelle Harmon

The best false eyelash mascara will create the look of thick and long lashes. Mascara is sold in a tube with an application wand attached; the shape of the wand and the amount, size, and spacing of its bristles impact the mascara's effects. A false eyelash mascara will have a wand with bristles that differ in size, with longer bristles that brush up and curl the lashes, adding length, and shorter bristles add thickness as they follow behind the longer bristles adding another coat. The first step in choosing the best false eyelash mascara is to select the best mascara wand, which usually comes with the mascara itself. Finding the best formula requires testing products for wear and downfalls, including considering whether you want a standard or waterproof version and if you could benefit from the use of a primer. Clumping, smudging, and flaking may occur with some mascara formulations.

While the brush that comes with the mascara may work for a basic brush, often you may want an additional brush for added detail. A brush with varied bristles may help to prevent clumping. The alternating bristle will brush out any thick deposits of mascara left behind by the first brush. False eyelash mascara has more impact when two coats are used, though clumping becomes more of an issue with each additional coat.

Shorter-bristled mascara brushes add thickness to the lashes.
Shorter-bristled mascara brushes add thickness to the lashes.

The main formula types for mascara are standard and waterproof. Standard mascara formulations are easier to remove at the end of the day. Waterproof formulations often require the use of a makeup remover. Streaking of mascara throughout the day is more likely to happen when using a standard mascara.

A mascara primer can help to prepare the lashes for false eyelash mascara. There are companies that manufacture mascara in a double-wand tube, where the mascara is in one end opposite a wand of primer. Primer is also available as a separate product. Application of the primer creates a base coat onto which the mascara can adhere.

Finding the best false eyelash mascara depends on testing the product on a daily basis for wear and effect. A mascara test run should involve careful consideration of the pros and cons of the product. The cons should be weighed against the pros, such as a formula that clumps slightly but provides a great deal of thickening to the lashes. Drugstores often offer a return policy on cosmetics which can help this selection process. Cosmetics counters for name brand companies may have sample size mascaras available for customers to give a pricier product a test run.

There are advantages to using a false eyelash mascara rather than actual false eyelashes. Mascara provides a more natural yet dramatic look and is easier to use for those new to makeup application. False eyelashes require patience, a steady hand, application glue, and the purchase of lashes that suit the eye shape.

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    • Shorter-bristled mascara brushes add thickness to the lashes.
      By: Ariwasabi
      Shorter-bristled mascara brushes add thickness to the lashes.