What is the Jump Rope Workout?

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A jump rope workout is an aerobic workout that uses a jump rope as a helpful tool. There are no specific requirements for a jump rope workout to be effective, and exercising with a jump rope can be a fun and interesting way to invigorate a boring workout routine. At its most basic, a jump rope workout is an aerobic fitness routine, but there are many ways to mix it up and incorporate other types of exercises for a full-body workout.

Before beginning a new jump rope exercise plan, invest in a good pair of supportive sneakers. Jumping rope is hard on the joints, and while high-impact exercises can be beneficial, and increase bone density, it is important to wear supportive shoes to prevent injuries such as shin splints. Purchase a jump rope designed for exercising, with sturdy handles and that is heavy enough to completely swing over the head; do not use a child's jump rope to exercise. When standing with two feet on the rope, a jump rope that is an appropriate length should reach to just under the armpits.


Next, set some goals, and gradually modify them over time. To use a jump rope workout purely as an aerobic activity, one might begin with a 20 or 30 minute exercise plan. Spend a few minutes warming up, then jump rope for 15 to 20 minutes, then cool down with some gentle stretching. To prevent becoming bored, try to change the types of jumps. For instance, one might try skipping with the jump rope, one-leg jumping, double jumping, or trying to get the rope over the head twice in one jump.

Another way to perform a jump rope workout is to treat it more like circuit training. In this type of workout, one might jump rope continuously for 30 seconds to one minute, then do a series of crunches, then jump rope for the same amount of time, followed by a series of push-ups. Other exercises that might be included in jump rope circuit training include squats, lunges, or even weight lifting, just to name a few.

There are many benefits to jump rope workouts. Aerobic activities such as this help to burn calories and promote weight loss, as well as to increase the endurance of the heart and lungs, thus lowering the risk for heart disease. In addition, a jump rope is an activity that can be performed anywhere, as long as there is enough space to swing the rope and jump without hitting someone or something.



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