What is a 30 Minute Workout?

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A 30 minute workout is an exercise plan that can be neatly folded into many busy schedules. Health and fitness experts often recommend getting at least 30 minutes of exercise per day, and 30 minute workouts are endlessly variable and can be mixed up to add variety and fun to a workout routine.

Exercise DVDs and videos are an excellent way to get in a 30 minute workout. Since they are timed and planned out, these are a great way to jump right into exercising without wasting time choosing what to do next. Some gyms also offer fantastic classes called “lunch hour” workouts, which generally run 30 minutes and allow the super-busy to get in some exercise and get back to work on time.

With the short amount of time, some people may find it beneficial to do only one type of activity during a 30 minute workout. This may be running on a treadmill, swimming laps, or even walking the dog. Keep a close eye on time, and don't cheat while working out. If a person stops to buy coffee on a walk, the timer stops until he or she starts walking again. Try to make sure a full 30 minutes is spent exercising.


Other people may prefer to try and get a full-body experience in a 30 minute workout. Consider trying circuit training to get the most out of the limited time. In a circuit training routine, the exerciser alternates short bursts of cardio, such as jumping rope or sprinting on a treadmill, with weight training exercises using machines or free weights. In addition to working all of the major muscle groups, circuit training helps keep heart rate up to improve cardiovascular fitness as well as calorie burn.

It is generally not recommended that a person do the exact same 30 minute workout every day. Repetitious workouts pave the way to boredom, and doing the same thing over and over may overwork some muscle groups while neglecting others. A 30 minute workout plan gives an exerciser a great opportunity for variety, since few activities are so difficult or trying that they can't be done for even half an hour. Try alternating days of cardio with days of strength training for all-over improved fitness.

Don't be afraid to mix up routines within the subsets of cardiovascular and strength training workouts. For example, run on Monday, lift weights Tuesday, swim Wednesday, take a Pilates class Thursday, then go for a brisk walk on Friday. Keeping workouts variable helps cut down on repetitive stress injury and also helps to increase flexibility and overall fitness level.



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